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The complete “sample-to-result system” for today’s molecular diagnostics.

The geneLEAD VIII is a modular PCR system for today‘s molecular diagnostics that allows you to adapt your test capacities precisely to your needs. In addition to its high flexibility and scalability, the geneLEAD VIII is characterized by a high-quality range of tests, high-cost efficiency and particularly user-friendly application. Nucleic acids are obtained from the samples using magnetic bead extraction with process happening in the tip (Magtration®) instead of a well.

A maximum of eight samples can be processed in parallel, while the PCR program can be selected individually for each sample. Results are analyzed and reported directly by the instrument and can be accessed remotely using LIS system. The corresponding software allows the programming and storage of user-specific PCR protocols.


Discover how the geneLEAD VIII can optimize your test procedures and improve your results.

Technical features

  • The real-time PCR of geneLEAD VIII delivers test results within 90-120 minutes (including extraction).

  • The system includes eight independent tracks for the extraction of nucleic acids and the subsequent real-time PCR.

  • Extraction and real-time PCR can be used combined or separately.

  • The PCR products are detected via six fluorescence channels.

  • Nucleic acids are extracted using magnetic beads with magtration technology.

  • The geneLEAD VIII works with individually usable lyophilized tests and/or liquid reagents.

  • The results are analyzed and reported directly by the device and can be accessed remotely via the LIS system.


Clinical and operational benefits

  • First-class quality of PCR results and precise diagnostics through validated kits.

  • Simple workflow with short hands-on time and walk-away options for users.

  • High level of automation of sample extraction, amplification, detection and result interpretation.

  • Cost efficiency due to moderate prices compared to other established solutions, both in terms of acquisition and operation.

  • Low documentation effort due to connection options to common LIS providers.

  • Scalable design of up to 6 systems offers networking options as well as complete back-up capabilities.

  • Flexible processing as independent tracks enable the determination of multiple pathogens within one run.

  • Simplified logistics through the use of lyophilized reagent with easy transport options and long shelf life.

  • Small laboratory space requirements provide the flexibility to use the system in different environments.


If necessary, the system can be scaled based on customer requirements.


Up to 6 devices can be grouped and controlled independently.

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