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Our product portfolio

Complete PCR systems and associated reagents and consumables

With the geneLEAD series, we offer a complete "sample-to-result system" for today's molecular diagnostics: from sample to result in no time at all.

Our systems are characterized by a high-quality range of tests, high cost efficiency and particularly user-friendly application. Our reagent production in Germany means we are independent of international supply chains and can therefore ensure a reliable supply for our customers. Our test portfolio is also continuously expanded in cooperation with our customers.

The real-time PCR of the geneLEAD VIII delivers test results within 90-120 minutes for 8 samples. Up to 6 systems can be grouped together, thus offering complete back-up options.

The fully automatic geneLEAD XXIV can execute 24 identical or different PCR protocols simultaneously within 90-120 minutes.

Our validated kits offer not only accuracy but also efficiency. The lyophilization of the reagents simplifies sample preparation as well as storage and transport options.

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